Optical Craftsman 4.5"

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Optical Craftsman 4.5"
Somehow I didn't get to vote after writing the description. I should say that the offical model name was "Altair." Optical Craftsman, in addition to larger apertures, sold a 3" and another 4.25" called the Regulus. The Regulus was a bit stripped down compared to the 4.25 but I don't remember how. The 3" was typically used as a guide scope but for a short time was sold also on a mount.

Optical Craftsman also sold a line of short focal ratio scopes, I believe in 6" and 8" apertures. In that era they were called Rich Field Telescopes. RFTs are now more or less the norm--we call them fast dobs these days. The Optical Craftsman line did prove that there's nothing wrong with observing at f/10 (which of couse was standard for the era). In those days guys with 10" and 12" scopes would arrive at star parties with these huge tubes strapped into their pickup trucks....an awesome sight, if you were ten.

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