BCF 250mm

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BCF 250mm
I picked this up after someone upgraded to a 12". The 1 1/4" focusser is dire as the eyepeice is held in place via friction and can fall out if you rotate the tube into the wrong place. I am hoping to upgrade to a 2" unit as I have had to send the mirrors off to get recoated after at least 8 years of use.

During the Jupiter imapct a few years back I saw several bands that night and even saw details in the impact zones which people refused to beleive I had seen. Next day I was called by the other observors to confirm that what i had seen was being shown on the news. Bear in mind that as a dobsonian i was working at low powers and having to hand guide the scope. (power was about x100)

its a shame they dont make them like this anymore.

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