Telescope Warehouse 90mm F11

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Telescope Warehouse 90mm F11
This scope is a major bargain. Purchased one of these planning to cut 4" off the tube to make it binoviewer + diagonal capable and didn't want to perform this surgery on an expensive apo. Was expecting somewhat better than department store scope optical quality but this scope greatly exceeded expectations. Kept increasing power on the scope but it just kept performing. Using a 4mm Radian (250X), in focus stars show a hard round airy disk with diffraction rings - very nice. Rings slightly off-center but not enough to worry about. Inside and outside focus show similar patterns - this scope is at least 1/4 wave. Slight color on lunar fringe but not obtrusive. Mechanically adequate and easy to use. If you get one of these for the kids - you might end up keeping it yourself!

Overall Rating: 9
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