Sugar a lilte snow fairy

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Sugar a lilte snow fairy
Summary: Saga is a very mature elementary school girl in a nice little European town. Going by a strict self-created daily schedule, she has little tolerance for the unpredictable. One day though, when rain strikes, Saga finds a hungry little fairy, which she gives a waffle too. The fairy follows her home and Saga's tidy life becomes a total mess as the little snow fairy Sugar bounces and flys her way into Saga everyday life. Sugar is not just normal fairy though, she is a young season fairy, who are fairies that create the elements for seasons, such as rain and clouds. In order to become a full-fledged snow fairy though, Sugar must obtain a "Twinkle" in order to make a magic seed grow, which has managed to take root in Saga's mini piano. Not being able to leave the magic seed, Sugar also takes root in Saga's house, giving Saga's life a complete turn-about. Just what is a Twinkle though? Sugar, along her friends Salt the Sun fairy and Pepper the Wind fairy, are going to find out just that, with maybe a little help from the reluctant Saga.

Animation: Well If that summary wasn't sweet and cutesy enough for you, then the art and characters will make you loose all your teeth to cavities. With the Character designs being by the cute-master Koge Donbo, Suger, a Little Snow Fairy is almost to cute to take. Thankfully, all that cute is balanced out by it's clam and serene backround art, which helps to calm down that sugar high Sugar will give you. The animation itself though, is nowhere lacking. For a kids how, Sugar is incredibally clean, sharp, and smoothly animated, with little to no mishaps. The animation doesn't go to any extremes, but then again, it doesn't have to. The series is reletivly cutsey, but calm and to the point, which is just how the the animation is.

Plot: Now truth be told, this is a kids show. It does though have just enough story and character interaction to make it so that adults can like it too. Despite being a kids show though, it has a story with an obvious beginning an conclusion. With it's easy going story telling, you don't need to give your brain an ulcer just to follow it. The characters all have there own personality and character traits, so you should not have to much of a problem figuring out who is who. Even with all the characters having there own querks, no character is over-bearing, and work to compliment the other characters around them, so everyone can be easily liked.

Humor: It is a cute and bubbly kids show, so of course humor is in there too. Though unlike most kid shows today, Sonw Fairy Sugar's humor doesn't resort to crude and stupid jokes. It is a smart, refined kind of humor that is rare for kiddie show today. It is mostly just cute, fun, and innocent humor. It should be enough to make anybody laugh and giggle at least once.

Soundtrack: The opening is a upbeat and catchy little song that goes along with that "cute" theme. The ending is more calming, like a bedtime lullaby. Both equally match the series in retrospect. The backround music is just as complementary to the series is it OP and ED. It is mellow, but upbeat. It should also be mentioned that the snow fairys all cary around a musical instrument. When the instrument is played, it makes whatever it is the fairy represents. Sugar has a flute, and whenever she plays, it makes snow. All the tunes played on the fairy's instruments represent the personality of the character quite nicely. Same goes for characters like Saga, who plays the piano. Every piece works to compliment whatever is going on to the character and series, while at the same being nothing short of plesent to the ears.

Overall: This series is a cute, fun, and funny ride for someone of any age. It is an especially good show to watch with family and children. If your not into cutesy-wootesy anime, then this definitly is not for you, but it should be an enjoyable play for anyone else.

Overall Rating: 8
Animation:9 Plot:8 Humor:8 Sound Track:7
Weight: 19 (Trustworthy Vote)
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