El Hazard TV Series/The Wanderers

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El Hazard TV Series/The Wanderers
AIC is famous for this. Hit it big with an OVA series and then turn it into a TV series! I thought it was interesting the way its almost like an entirely different storyline, only loosely (very loosely) based on the OVA storyline. The Ifurita leaves a bit to be desired, but....oh well, Ifurita is Ifurita, right?

Dick Saucer was here

Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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El Hazard TV Series/The Wanderers
El Hazard: The Wanderers review

Crisp and clean. We're not talking Mononoke quality here, but the animation is more or less everything you could ask for as far as a TV anime is concerned.

It starts off slowly... In fact, it starts off really slowly, and it progresses in a really strange way. In episode 1, they get to El Hazard. For the next six episodes, they go absolutely nowhere with the story or with the characters. In fact, the only real thing you could possibly learn that in those first seven episodes (the first DVD) that wasn't told to you straight off is that Princess Rune has a white pet thingy and that Alielle likes girls.
Other than that, all the characters completely fit the stereotypes they were given in the very first episode, which makes the beginning of the series hard to watch.
Still, from there on it gets better. Although they certainly took their time doing it, they do finally get a bit more in-depth with the characters (although that might be more a side effect of having all the characters finally being together at once than anything else) as they start fitting into El Hazard better, and that's a good thing.

El Hazard isn't really that funny. There are bits and pieces here and there, and Jinnai's evil laugh somehow amuses me every time, but the problem is that the show usually doesn't bother really taking one joke and turning it into a big scene. The line is given, responded to, and then it's over. It doesn't turn into a running gag throughout the show and it doesn't create seven consecutive hilarious lines in a row like some shows can pull off.
Better than some series, though.

Not too shabby, but nothing stands out in particular. That's the problem: The music doesn't seem to really add anything to the show other than so that they could say "We have music." It's just sort of... there.

Out of the more well-known anime series out there, this one's pretty low on my "must-see" list, losing out to shows like Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin, Oh My Goddess!, Outlaw Star, and Saber Marionette J, but that doesn't mean it's bad in any way. I just can't explain why it has as much of a fan following as it does (unless the OAV, which I haven't seen, is better).

Overall Rating: 5
Animation:9 Plot:7 Humor:7 Sound Track:6
Weight: 67 (Reputable Vote)
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