Voices From A Distant Star

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Name:Voices From A Distant Star
un-checked Comedyun-checked Mechschecked Drama
un-checked Violenceun-checked Shoujo 
un-checked Hentaiun-checked Explicit Sexun-checked Brief Nudity
Running Length:25
Description:A high-school girl, Mikako, is called to help fight off an alien invasion, leaving behind her boyfriend, Noboru. She uses her cellular phone to send him periodic e-mails expressing her love for him. But though she feels the passing of weeks and months, he feels the passing of years due to the effects of time dilation. Even then, they realize that they can never truly be apart.

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Voices From A Distant Star
What I have heard on this anime is that it was independently made from a single person on his IMac, I don't have any articles to back that up however. Despite this rather unique claim, it deserves the attention that it has been recently getting. This is the story of young love, a love that never dies even when hearts become distant and yearning.

The animation on this is very high quality. A lot of effort was put into this production and it pays off really well. It is crisp, detailed, even the backgrounds show premise and quality.

The plot and soundtrack of this anime are really nice. The basic plot of love and a basic soundtrack tie in wonderfully with the very detailed animation.

Voices from a Distant Star may only be 30 minutes, but by the time you are done with it, it will feel like an entire movie. Recomended

Overall Rating: 10
Animation:9 Plot:10 Humor:0 Sound Track:9
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
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Voices From A Distant Star
Yes, it's true, Makoto Shinkai used to work at a game development company which is where he gained the skills to pull this off as a one-man anime studio. One version of the voiceovers on the dvd was done by he and his girlfirend too...His backgrounds and image show meticulous detail and a certain ambience, a consistency that I believe is only possible when the whole thing is done by one person alone, as opposed to current mass-produced studio methods. This results in a very strong personal style and "flavor" of the short movie, something never seen before. I almost can't believe it's a one-man show, the quality of the images he produces, the ambience, lighting effects, etc...Although some of the 3D scenes felt a little out of place, overall the quality is beautiful, surpassing most OVAs out there. The music score is good, and the theme song really gets to you, especially where it's spliced with the ending scene and builds up to a nice climax. The plot is okay, a little cheezy and unexplained in some places but as the love story is the real focus its quite forgivable. Watch it 2-3 times and you'll find yourself noticing little things, hints and stuff dropped throughout and you'll be amazed at the meticulous detail this guy puts in his movie to tie things together. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of his new full-length feature movie, The place promised in our early days. You just wish he wasn't running a one-man show, but that kinda defeats the purpose, huh? =P

Overall Rating: 9
Animation:10 Plot:8 Sound Track:10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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