Takahashi EM-2

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Brand and Model:Takahashi EM-2
Price ($USD):2,300
Attributes:checkedMotorized un-checkedPEC un-checkedGoto
Electric Power:6V
Weight (lbs.):14
Description:Equatorial head ~14 lbs.
15 lbs capacity.

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Takahashi EM-2
I have an EM-2S with an FC-76 mounted in the corner of my living room as I type this. It is a beautifully made and very handy mount. (At the slightest trace of clear sky, the whole works is carried outside, and is instantly ready for use.)

It’s dead accurate and solid as a rock with the FC-76 and has been successfully used with an FS-102 as well.

It is very expensive at first, but so are all of the best things. I bought mine used, fully expect to own it and use it for a time, and then ultimately sell it for what I paid for it. True cost zero? Well not exactly, there is the opportunity cost (lost interest on the money). But still that’s a hell of a low rental fee in the long run...

Overall Rating: 10
Performance:10 Ease of Use:10 Value:9
Weight: 20 (Notable Vote)
By: von_Werner
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Takahashi EM-2
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Extremely solid, mechanically superb craftsmanship. Not a trace of the "shakes". Dampening time- WHAT dampening time?! This thing wouldn't move in a gale. Quite portable and highly recommended!

Overall Rating: No Vote
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
By: buzzygirl
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Takahashi EM-2
Right off I should let you know I've mounted an FS102 on this
mount so you can calibrate my comments accordingly. I don't do
astrophotography, so decided to save a few bucks over the EM-10
but still get a beautiful, high quality mount. Boy, did I ever!
Everything is solid steel with no rough edges anywhere. All
mating surfaces are even and smooth. Movement in either axis
is the description of mechanical smoothness. When I first turned
the motor on I thought I had a problem, I couldn't hear anything!
Under the stars, if you've polar aligned correctly, the mount
tracks wonderfully. Loosen the clutches and you can swing your
scope effortlessly to your next target. What a wonderful mount!

I need to share that I'm of the opinion that rosey reviews are
misleading if they don't share everything - even some bad stuff.
I've used this mount about 9 months now and there are a few
minor complaints, (VERY minor), that I should share. First, the
FS102 can easily go up to higher powers than this mount can handle
(carrying this heavy of a scope). Tops is about 400x and that's
with the Celstron VSP's. Second, if you use setting circles the
dec circle is a little inconvenient to use. I needed a small
jewelers screwdriver to adjust. Third, no polarscope illuminator.
There is one on the EM-2S, but not the EM-2, (the polarscope is
very sharp and precise, needs to be illuminated). Finally, only
2 speeds. Sidereal rate and 2x sidereal rate. If you want to slew
very far you need to loosen the clutches (easy to do) and nudge
the scope over.

All in all, a beautiful, solid mount. Perfect for the FS78 and
really great even on the FS102.

Overall Rating: 9
Performance:10 Ease of Use:8 Value:8
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.43.10)
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