Takahashi 6x30

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Brand and Model:Takahashi 6x30
Price ($USD):$110

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Takahashi 6x30
Buyed this item used when it was 1 jear old (the former owner said).
The tube was very scratched by the adjustment screws of the
bracket (o.k. this thing is used and the scratches have no meanings
to my vote).
When I looked inside the objektive lens I found 3 large (thin) and
a lot (thousands) scratches on the inside of the lenssurface.
Noone opened the objektive (that would leave marks on the locking
ring) so the scratches came from the factory assembly.
I returned this thing to the one which described it as absolutly
"as new" and get most of the money back.
Than I ordered a brand new item from ICS (germany) and recieved
it a few days later.
I pernickety inspect the new thing and found a few stain again on
the inside of the objektive and surprisingly a white (uncoated) spot
of 2mm in diameter on a inner eyepieces surface.
Isn't Takahashi a (self proclamed) premium telescope maker?
Didn't they check their products before shipment?
I send this second finder back and am now waiting for the third.
When it arrived and is absolutely free of faults I give a new rate
at 8 or 9. (then the average is going a bit up). If not the next rate
is about a 4 or 5 again.
I sell a few weeks ago a Celestron 6x30 LER (chinese made) and
this one was absolutely free of scratches, spots or stain. In- and
outside of all surfaces. O.k. in comparsion to the Tak 6x30 it
showed that it was shaded to about 26mm aperture and a little
dimmer side by side with the tak but the field of view was a little bit
bigger and the overall finish was better.
Takahashi losses in my opinion a lot of reputation.

Disappointed Greetings from Germany
Lamont Cranston

Update 5th Okober 03

Hi folks,

after returning the second one (the one with the white spot in the eyepiece), I waited 1 month for the new item.
I was called by the dealer whe he gets the delivery of Tak stuff. He picked the best of the three 6x30 finders he recieved and told me
that it wasn't perfect too. It has 4 tiny spots on the inside of the objectiv lens, looking like the four edgepoints of a squaremillimeter.
I told him that I look by myself, so he send it.
It was like discribed and I decided (after a short time) to keep it.
But when I think about it, and the point, that this is the best of 5 I get, I ask myself, is there a perfect one outside there?
Voting is critical, after the second one I voted performance 8, value 5 and overall 5. This is (for me) the 5th one and the 4 former ones
in mind i change the Vote to overall 7.
The 7x50 Tak finder that I use on my FS-102 is a perfect 10, so why are the 6x30 that stinky (in my eyes).
The 6x30 Celestron LER, that comes with my C8 was perfect too, and that thing comes from China. Is China better that Japan now?

Overall Rating: 7
Performance:9 Value:6
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
By: Shadow
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Takahashi 6x30
A little surprised with the poor performance as told by the previous reviewer.

I bought mine new from Anacortes and have nothing but praise for this little finder. It is razor sharp all the way to the edge of the field of view, provides very comfortable eye relief, (I wear glasses), and the holder is dead solid. I hardly ever have to tweek the alignment of the finder.

What I really like about the Tak 6x30 is it resolves to the same magnitude as my SkyAtlas 2000. I can starhop direct from the atlas (reversing the field of course) and find my target in a snap. Cool.

The only negative is the holder screws didn't have plastic tips or come with plastic screws. So to prevent scratching the finder body, I ended up inserting rubber tabs from a cut up fat rubberband in between the screw tips and the finder body. They are mostly hidden inside the holder so they don't detract from the appearance.

A little spendy, but a top-flight finder! Recommended

Overall Rating: 9
Performance:9 Value:8
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.42.11)
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Takahashi 6x30
The images in this little beaty are so nice
you may spend more time looking through your finder than your telescope.
Excellent eyerelief, with smooth easy focus. Wonderful large field of view.
Anyone who laments the mushy, cramped standard 8x50 finders, should
upgrade. You'll enjoy your sessions much more. 10+

Overall Rating: 10
Performance:10 Value:9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.195.32)
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