Strange Love

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Name:Strange Love
checked Comedyun-checked Mechsun-checked Drama
un-checked Violenceun-checked Shoujo 
un-checked Hentaichecked Explicit Sexchecked Brief Nudity
Running Length:80 mins.

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Strange Love
I'm not a big hentai fan, but I found this sex comedy to be... tolerable. I've disliked the character designs ever since I saw the manga in a bookstore in Japan (what's with the big round foreheads?), and the first episode really annoyed me--what's the point of watching super-perfect Chizuru twist pathetic men around her finger? The comic payoff, however, comes in the second part, when Chizuru goes to pieces as she suddenly becomes obsessed with a cute, innocent female classmate. If I were watching anime with a group of friends and the guys insisted on renting something hentai, I'd push for "Strange Love." It's not terribly misogynistic, there are no tentacles, and it's even kinda amusing.

Overall Rating: 6
Weight: 3 (Unreliable Vote)
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