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Running Length:60 mins.

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Shinesman review

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It's not subpar, but it's not outstanding. Minor details are more or less ignored, but it's not like anything stuck out as being bad.

I may get a few looks of confusion for this, but I liked the plot in all of its "businessmen who are secretly Power Rangers wannabes defending the world from invading aliens" glory.
Besides, there was a nice little twist at the end of the second episode and there were a lot of lines said that made me think the series could have actually developed a solid storyline with some good scenes like Matsumoto's little brother finding out about his big brother's secret Shinesman Red identity as he inevitably would have.
That, and although the Greatmen, the fake TV superheroes, were having their show, the crowd really got into the Shinesmen in their surprise appearance at that show... It would've been interesting to see if the Shinesmen ever got popular or not despite their "lame" colors.
Would they have gotten their own TV show, being real superheroes? Would the ditzy alien princess have come back to save humanity? Would the Shinesmen ever get better powers than Tie Clip Bombs and Business Card Cutters? Would the world have found out about them? Would there be more Shinesmen added to the team? Questions like that just beg for an answer...
And it really could've been a good show if they'd ever actually gotten past two episodes. It's a real shame they didn't...

Absolutely hilarious. This show pokes fun at every Power Rangers ripoff out there, throws in jokes for anime fans, mocks superheroes, and WILL have you laughing if you watch it. Well, assuming you understand most of the parodies and in-jokes.
It kills me, too, because while it's easy to give a ton of praise to great animation ("it's well-shaded, beautifully done, realistic, seems like a lot of effort was put into it") or story ("it always gave you enough that you were interested, but hid just enough away to make everything really click together at the end"), it's a lot harder to write paragraphs and paragraphs about great comedy and that's what this show is. I wish I knew how to say so.
I should also note that the dub is (arguably) even better than the original version! Definitely a show you can watch at least twice.

Nothing particularly stands out...

Even if it's only two episodes and it looks like that's the way it's going to stay, I have to recommend Shinesman. It really is a hilarious show that you shouldn't miss. It may be a rather expensive buy for just 60 minutes, but at least give it a rental... You won't regret it.

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Overall Rating: 9
Animation:7 Plot:7 Humor:10 Sound Track:6
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By: Jiggy
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Excellent, but I only saw the dubbed series, which is still great. Check out the colors (red, moss green, grey, salmon, and sepia)??!?? This thing will take the living piss out of those Power Ranger themed shows. But only one problem........why only two episodes?

Overall Rating: 10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (
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i personally thought this anime wasw..well..interestingly funny.
i am now being forced by my best friend to do a report on it if you can help e-mail me t

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By: Anonymous (
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