ScopeStuff 2D Binocular Mount Head

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Brand and Model:ScopeStuff 2D Binocular Mount Head
Price ($USD):69
Attributes:un-checkedMotorized un-checkedPEC un-checkedGoto
Electric Power:
Weight (lbs.):1.5
Description:Solve the balance issue of big binoculars on tropods with this
mount head. Adjustable clutches slew smoothly and stay where
you point them, and your binoculars don't flop over!

Our cradle style mount head puts the altitude pivot at the center
of mass of the binos, so they can be tilted up and down smoothly
and will stay where you leave them. No counterweights needed.

Solid 1/4" thick aluminum construction will easily handle loads
of 20 lbs, but weighs only 1.5 lbs. Powder coated black, with
stainless steel hardware. Adjustable pivot clutches with teflon
bearing surfaces. Three different pivot points allow use with
different size binoculars, up to 9.5 inches wide. With hardware
for mounting binos. Fits on standard 1/4-20 tripod style posts.

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