SAC8 Peltier Cooled Monochrome CCD Video Camera

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Brand and Model:SAC8 Peltier Cooled Monochrome CCD Video Camera
Price ($USD):$529.00
Pixel Size (microns):9.6
Computer Interface:USB/Parallel
Electric Power:12v
Weight (lbs.):<1
Description:Chip type: SONY # IC0254AL 1/3" EX-VIEW HAD INTERLINE TRANSFER CCD.
Displayed Pixel Layout: 640 x 480
Pixel size: 9.6 x 7.5 microns
Video lux rating: 0.0003
Color capability: RGB, LRGB, CYM OR LCYM color with optional color filter wheel equipped with the appropriate filter packets.
B&W: 8bit
Cooling: Peltier cooled
Shutter speeds: 1/1,000 sec. to unlimited
Computer Interface: USB and Parallel Port
Min. computer requirments: Pentium 200 or above ++
Operating systems: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
Conections/interface: USB, Parallel, 12V. Has composite video out for real-time viewing on a TV or recording on VCR
Hardware controls: All software controled except gain which is user ajustable by hardware control

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SAC8 Peltier Cooled Monochrome CCD Video Camera
the camera is very sensitive....suffers from problems..mainly software and installation. it's also 8 bit and saturates easily..all the cameras suffer a large dark band's difficult to remove...but doable.

Overall Rating: 7
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