Saber Marionette J-x

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Name:Saber Marionette J-x
checked Comedychecked Mechschecked Drama
checked Violenceun-checked Shoujo 
checked Hentaiun-checked Explicit Sexun-checked Brief Nudity
Running Length:30 min x 26 eps
Description:The human female is going to be introduced to Terra II and at the same time marionettes are being decomissioned. In the last and most serious part of the SMJ series Otaru and company have to save Lorelai and then the Lime and the girls get amnesia. Plus the motivations of the enigmatic Dr. Hess, who created most of the robots that Lime, Bloodberry, and Cherrey went up against, are finally revealled.

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Saber Marionette J-x
saber marionette j is the best anime ever its like a deluxe pizza it has everything even some dumb gay guy

Overall Rating: 10
Animation:9 Plot:10 Humor:10 Sound Track:8
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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