Parallax Standard Rings

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Brand and Model:Parallax Standard Rings
Price ($USD):$195
Type:OTA rings
Description:Parallax Standard Rings for mounting OTA in sonotube scopes. The price is for the 10" inch Stafinder version.

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Parallax Standard Rings
I just acquired a pair of Parallax's Standard hinged rings for my 10" Starfinder EQ, to replace the original flimsy straps. The Meade straps were always a worry - if i attempted to rotate the OTA the straps sometimes jumped out of the saddle, with the risk of dumping the OTA on the ground. In addition, mounting and unmounting the tube was always risky, especially in winter.

The rings themselves are big and solid, and installed easily, with two holes through the Meade saddle. Price was $195 incl S&H - not a bad deal in view of the benefits.

For me, the Parallax rings have changed everything about using this scope. They hinge/unhinge elegantly by slackening off two knurled stainless nuts, that then hinge out of the way. While installing/removing the OTA, the lower halves of the rings hold the OTA firmly. Rotating the OTA is no longer a hassle either, as i can easily slacken off the rings, rotate the tube, then re-tighten.

The rings are heavy, about 7/8 inch thick, but the Meade clock drive handles the extra weight okay.

Nice to get something that really works.

Bob Bennett, Maple Vly,

Overall Rating: 10
Performance:10 Value:10
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
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