Parallax EQ mount HD200C

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Brand and Model:Parallax EQ mount HD200C
Price ($USD):11,500
Attributes:checkedMotorized checkedPEC checkedGoto
Electric Power:12-18vDC
Weight (lbs.):160
Description:Observatory grade equatorial mount
with AP goto system and payload capacity of 200#. Byers 11.4" gears on RA and DEC axis.

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Parallax EQ mount HD200C
I have owned this mount for 2 years now; performance is comparable to an AP1200. It is beautiful in appearance; but the fit and finish is SLIGHTLY below the AP. Same AP goto system and in addition wonderful Byers 11.4" starmaster gearing on the RA and DEC. It autoguides like a dream. Only caviat is that I had to adjust the gear meshing slightly on both axis with a shim for perfect alignment.
:>) mark

Overall Rating: 9
Performance:10 Ease of Use:9 Value:9
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
By: MDearingJaxFL
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