Oberwerk 12x60 FMC

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Brand and Model:Oberwerk 12x60 FMC
Price ($USD):$109.95
Attributes:un-checked Waterproof un-checked Armored
Objective Lens Size:60 mm
Magnification:12 x
Prism Type:
Field of View:5.7 degrees
Eye Relief:0 mm
Near Focus:0 ft
Weight (lbs):40 oz.
Dimensions (w/h/d):
Description:Terrific deal in a competitive price range. Optics are beautiful! This is certainly where Oberwerk spent their time in designing these. I give the optics a 9! Fit and finish, and extra's are a different story... My 3 yr olds first remarks when I took them out of the box was "they stink!". Indeed they did smell, of rubber... Must have been the funes built up in the plastic bag during their long trip from Asia - I assume. As they've aired out, the odor isn't as noticable. Other nitpicks - the binocular strap attaches to plastic hooks on the binoculars! I don't trust them to hold up, and I will never intentionally hang them from my neck while the strap is attached to them. The bag that the binoculars came in is about 2 sizes too small! I can't even keep the lid closed attached to the velcro strip. The eyepiece cover also looks as though they were borrowed from a smaller set of binoculars as they barely stay put. The binoculars also do not come with a tripod adapter. These gripes aside, if it is bright clear optics you want, without the need to immediately re-collimate - get these! I'd buy them again...

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Oberwerk 12x60 FMC
I have really felt that a pair of nice 12x50 or 12x60 binoculars would fill a gap for astronomical observing if one could be found with sharp, flat resoulution across a relatively wide field. My Pentax PCF III is pretty nice, but the field is only 4.2 degrees. The Nikon Superior E 12x50 gets rave reviews and it has a nice 5 degree field, but you are talking big bucks here. After looking thru a pair of 9x60 Oberwerks, I decided to give their 12x60 cousins with their 5.7 degree field a try. The price is also quite reasonable and compelling.

I have found them to be reasonably good for astronomy with a wide field, long eye relief and reasonable edge definition. The edge definition is not perfect, but is fairly good considering the field size.

For astronomy I can recommend these to anyone on a budget. They do fall short however for daytime use. They do not have the smooth focus and snap of the Pentax 12x50's. They are not a good binocular to use if you need to refocus often. However for the $109 many should be quite happy with them if their use is exclusively for astronomical objects.

Barry Simon

Overall Rating: 8
Optics:7 Value:10
Weight: 20 (Notable Vote)
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Oberwerk 12x60 FMC
Best pair of astronomy binoculars I've used - they beat my trusty Orion Ultraview 10x50 by a mile. Sharp optics bring stars to a pinpoint over most of field, and don't show any flare on Jupiter.

Light for their size, and easily hand-holdable. A tripod turns them into mini scopes.

Not recommended for daytime use. Sure they case and strap are cheap, but I'd the optics are amazing for $109.

Overall Rating: 9
Optics:8 Value:10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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Oberwerk 12x60 FMC
Great optics, lightweight and inexpensive. But they cheap out on fit and finish, extra's and absolutely now owner's manual!

Overall Rating: 8
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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Oberwerk 12x60 FMC
Great Binocs for Astronomy. Brilliant Images.

True - fit and finish are non-existant. Eye-piece covers aren't designed to stay put. Focus messes up sometimes when you push them against your eyes.

The Optics however are wonderful. I really like the image qualily. It does start to recede as you come to the lens edges, but for the price, it's absolutely brilliant.

NOTE --> first time binoc user-> so i can't compare it to other binoculars. I have looked at ( not tested ) various other binocs, such as the Nikon 7x50s, Nikon 10x50s, Pentax PCF V 20x60s,Orion 12x60s, and these turned out to be the best price-performance pair ( very cheap and great optics as opposed to pretty expensive and better optics )

Fully - Multicoated, Bak4 Prisms, 12x60w, 5.7* field 100m/1000m

Overall Rating: No Vote
Weight: <none>
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