Meade Lightbridge Deluxe 16"

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Brand and Model:Meade Lightbridge Deluxe 16"
Price ($USD):1899
Attributes: un-checked Go-To un-checked PEC
f Ratio:4.5
Focal Length:1829mm
Finder:red dot
Electric Power:
Weight (lbs):128
Dimensions (w/h/d):
Description:16" Dobsonian

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Meade Lightbridge Deluxe 16"
The 16" Lightbridge Deluxe is one of the best values in astronomy for the visual observer. It provides more aperture than any other scope at a bargain price. Overall, the optics are decent, and the views are incredible on DSOs as compared to smaller aperture scopes.

The base is heavy particle board. I rebuild my base out of plywood before ever assembling the original particle board base, because I hate particle board. I ended up building a base that's just 22.5" wide, and much lighter and more portable than the stock base.

The other downside of the stock design is that it's top heavy. If use a reasonable amount of accessories you will have to add counterweight. I load mine up with Telrad, 9X50 RACI, Paracorr, 31 Nagler. I use about 11 pounds of counterweight. You will also want to add a light shroud and Bob's Knobs.

Even when budgeting a few hundred for upgrades, this scope remains a heck of bargain. You can't buy a mirror for this price. With my rebuilt base, the motions are butter smooth. It's the right combination of aperture and portability for me, and it's my favorite scope to observe with.

Overall Rating: 8
Optics:7 Mount:5 Ease of Use:7 Value:10
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
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