Markless Astronomics-MCW15

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Brand and Model:Markless Astronomics-MCW15
Price ($USD):$135
Description:(sliding, adjustable system) can be used to quickly re-balance your Obsession® Telescope (or almost any other Dobsonian mount Newtonian reflector truss telescope) when you have changed eyepieces, and/or added/removed something from the Upper Tube Assembly (UTA).
Four sizes to choose from: MCW-25, MCW-20, MCW-18, MCW-15. Price: $135 plus $10 S&H.

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Markless Astronomics-MCW15
Goofing around in the dark was tending to get old as with trying to find the right combo with the weights to achieve balance. Their had to be another solution.
Researching the web really only showed 2 systems and some homebuilt stuff. Since I have already invested quite a bit in my scope and did not want the hassle of building one myself, I ordered the Markless Astronomics system
Charlie Starks is the owner and is very prompt to reply to any question. Building it (All are custom built) and shipping took no time at all. Fit and finish are top notch,professionally built and only three screws hold it to your mirror box.
I have the Servo cat Jr. version on my scope and before had a little slippage with the heavier stuff but now I can go to wherever I want with a Paracorr and 17mm Nagler or Seibert Blacknight bino's or whatever I want to use.
No problems anywhere.
Consider the Markless system if you can afford it and I am sure you will not regret it

Overall Rating: 10
Performance:10 Value:10
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
By: mecollins
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