Harry Siebert Multi-Mag Binoviewer OCA

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Brand and Model:Harry Siebert Multi-Mag Binoviewer OCA
Price ($USD):$134
Type:Optical Corrector
Description:Four piece optical corrector for scopes without sufficient infocus to overcome the additional length of the binoviewers light path. Varying the order or number of pieces used increases the magnification to 1.25, 2, or 3.5 while enabling the binoviewer to be used in dobs, newts, and others without moving the primary or modifying the scope.

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Harry Siebert Multi-Mag Binoviewer OCA
If you want to binoview with a fast newt, this is a must.

I've used the Burgess and W/O versions and went through a lot of hassles to get things in focus without amplifying the magnification too much... what a relief to get one of these - plenty of in and out focus travel and only 1.25 increase in magnification.

I have noticed no aberrations, ghosts, flares, or other visual phenomena while using Harry's OCA. The only reason I've marked it down for performance is because of the mechanical structure, not for visual performance. The two spacer tubes and two lens assemblies that make up the OCA must be in the correct order and oriented the correct way for everything to work as advertised. The numbers and directional markings on the barrels are not easily seen in good light, forget dim light. The lens assemblies are thread at each end and the divider that limits the depth of screwing them in appears to be a rubber o-ring - it works but doesn't seem to be as sturdy as it would be if it was machined into the metal or if it were something like a parfocal ring instead.

I've checked it at each configuration and it works equally well in all, presenting an increasingly magnified view, however, I haven't measured the true magnification for any of them. I'll post that separately when I have numbers.

Overall: Works great!!!


Overall Rating: 9
Performance:8 Value:10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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