Fujinon FMT-SX 7x50

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Brand and Model:Fujinon FMT-SX 7x50
Price ($USD):$541.95
Attributes:checked Waterproof un-checked Armored
Objective Lens Size:50 mm
Magnification:7 x
Prism Type:BAK4 Porro
Coatings:Fully Multi-Coated
Field of View:7.3 degrees
Eye Relief:23 mm
Near Focus:15 ft
Weight (lbs):53 oz.
Dimensions (w/h/d):8x20x22
Description:Extra large eye relief.
Good if one wears glasses.
BAK-4 prisms.
Waterproof 5m

Fujinon Binoculars

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Fujinon FMT-SX 7x50
I looked through every decent pair of binoculars I could find in Houston before buying the Fuji's. They are the brightest around. Stars in the center 50-75% of the field focus to the smallest pinpoints I've ever seen. The outside 25% isn't quite as sharp but not really bad at all. The only negative I've found is their size, quite a bit larger than most other 7x50's. If your not going to mount them you might want to actualy handle a pair before buying. Occassionally I notice a bit of color fringing on bright objects when I'm slightly off axis but it disappears when I get my eyes lined up on center. Bottom line, I've owned my Fuji 7x50's for several years now and everytime I take them out, I'm glad I bought them.

Overall Rating: 9
Optics:9 Value:8
Weight: 11 (Trustworthy Vote)
By: mhpdfp
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Fujinon FMT-SX 7x50
I'm glad I spent the extra money. I'll have these for a lifetime. Bright, clear, and flawless. All other 7x50 pale in comparison (Nikon, Steiner, even Zeiss).

Overall Rating: 9
Optics:9 Value:7
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.170.24)
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Fujinon FMT-SX 7x50
De Facto standard that I use to compare similar units. Diopter adjustments could have been a bit larger--if possible. My favourite instrument when using binoculars.

Overall Rating: 10
Optics:10 Value:9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.153.157)
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