Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heavens Door

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Name:Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heavens Door
checked Comedyun-checked Mechschecked Drama
checked Violenceun-checked Shoujo 
un-checked Hentaiun-checked Explicit Sexun-checked Brief Nudity
Running Length:90
Description:Mars is under siege! Just before Halloween 2071, a terrorist bomb destroys a tanker truck on Highway One, close to a densely-populated crater city. There are casualties up to half a mile from the blast – 500 killed or injured by what appears to be a biochemical weapon. The reward for the bomber’s capture is a massive 300,000,000 wulongs; there are four humans and a dog who really need the money. Down on their luck, as usual, the crew of the Bebop jump on the case.

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Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heavens Door
After the classic Cowboy Bebop series, comes a movie with the entire crew, after the ultimate bounty. If you have seen the entire 26 episodes, then you know just making a movie without starting where it ended would make it an extreme dissapointment, and I can't get into details because it would give away the TV series. Because of this, it seems that as soon as I started the movie, I became embittered toward it because it felt nostalgic to the TV series, but did nothing to advance the characters and even left loose strings at the end of the movie!!

Animation - Very nice, sticks to what makes it so great. The fight scenes in this movie are brilliant and I enjoyed watching Spike getting worked over once again.

Plot - Pales in comparison to the TV series. You would think the movie would be devoted to the main plot, but it ends up being all catch the criminal filler. While some Cowboy Bebop tv episodes were like that, they at least focused on a character that progressed their character development.

Humor - Typical Bebop humor, Spike easy going, crazy Ed, etc. The movie however, did hold a more serious tone to it and tried almost too hard to get philosophical on us.

Sound Track - A noted dissapointment, nothing like the brilliance of the TV series, it did not catch me at all. It is still good enough to warrant a six, but the TV show gets a 12 out of 10 it is soooo good.

Overall a piece of eye candy for Bebop and the crew. It is a movie to be nostalgic of the whole crew, but does nothing to develop the character deveolpment that make the TV series one of the most popular anime ever. I would only reccomend this movie if you have seen and enjoyed Cowboy Bebop the TV series.


Overall Rating: 8
Animation:9 Plot:8 Humor:8 Sound Track:6
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
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Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heavens Door
Classic Cowboy Bebop. The crew is brought back again for one last great finale. This movie focuses mostly on the characters that we love and remember. However, no Vicious or Yakuza is involved in this one, which I would have really liked. Nonetheless, for all the Bebop fans, this one is quite a treat.

Overall Rating: 10
Animation:10 Plot:9 Humor:9 Sound Track:9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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