Celestron 60 Degree Binoviewer

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Brand and Model:Celestron 60 Degree Binoviewer
Price ($USD):$475-$550
Description:A good performer. Although not as sensationalized as other binoviewers. Can be used with Schmidt/Cass and Refractors only. Older micro-scope head design with 60 Degree angle built in. Built in germany by the Badder planetarium, the same organization who builds the famous Astro-Physics Unit, so you know this is a top of the line unit. When used with a refractor, the focus point is 1/2" outward (yes outward) when compared to a Televue 2" diagonal focus point, so no barlow required. Unit rotates 360 degrees without loosening the focuser lock screws by use of an adjustible plastic drag screw. However, small prizms will not allow full field illumination when used with low power wide angle eyepieces. Also must have to refocus when the interpupilary distance is adjusted which can be annoying when changing eyepieces and adjusting for more than one viewer.

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Celestron 60 Degree Binoviewer
This is a well built unit, the only plastic is the eyepiece holers. Simply slide it into your refractor 2" focuser. A good alternative to the more expensive units at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost, especially if medium to high power solar system observing is your interest. 60 Degree angle elimates the need for an additional 90 degree diagonal much like other expensive units. There are some drawbacks such as refocusing when tweeking the interpupilary distance, and the use of very small prizms. When using TV 32MM plossel, (almost the largest true field for a 1.25 eyepiece), there is some vingetting. However works well with a 19MM WideField with 65 apparent field of view. My rating is an 8, one strike for having to refocus, one strike for the field of view.

Overall Rating: 8
Weight: 4 (Unreliable Vote)
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