Car Toys

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Name:Car Toys
Web Site:
Types of Stuff:
checked High-Endun-checked Editingchecked Audio
checked Videochecked Supplies 
Methods of Purchase:
checked Storeun-checked Phoneun-checked Web(un-checked Secure)
Methods of Payment:
checked Visachecked MasterCardchecked Discover
checked American Expresschecked Checkun-checked Money Order
un-checked CODun-checked Financing 
Description:They sell and install things for your cars or trucks. Radios, cd players alarms what ever.
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Car Toys
There prices are ok, but that isn't enough for when you go in and can't get anyone to help you AT ALL. When your are fed up and ready to leave then they'll come over and ask if they can up you. By that time your out the door and don't really care to be helped. We gone there 4 times to try and buy different things and found out that we wasted our time. We'll never go back there for help it's worthless.

Overall Rating: 0
Price:9 Service:0
Weight: 40 (Reputable Vote)
By: RanmasGirlKM
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Car Toys
I went to car toys to get my bulbs change. one side is good but the other is not so good. the light kept on dying when i start the car. I went back to car toys to get it fixed. A week later, it did the same thing. I went back to Car Toys again to get it fixed, but they told me my car was salvage. I drove my car for 2-3 months with only one headlight. I finally got enough money to buy one and installed it myself. I found out that the headlight has a burnt cotton, that was put in there to push the bulbs on its place.
I gave it a 6 overall, because they gave it a try.

Overall Rating: 6
Price:6 Service:6
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (
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