Baader Hyperion 17mm

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Brand and Model:Baader Hyperion 17mm
Price ($USD):119
Type:Wide angle
Focal Length:17 mm
Barrel Size:1.25/2
Apparent FOV:70.4 degrees
Field Stop Dia.:20.9 mm
Eye Relief:20 mm
Weight (lbs):
Description:Baader Planetarium - 17mm Hyperion Modular Eyepiece - 1.25" & 2"

* Baader Hyperion eyepieces sport a true 68ยบ field of view along with 20mm of eye relief.

* Great for binoviewing.

* Baader Hyperion eyepieces work in both 1.25" & 2" focusers.

* Sharp, high-contrast images with a flat field, even in fast telescopes.

* High index glass and specially designed coatings yield darker sky and more stars than competitors.

* Internal baffling eliminates ghost reflections and stray light.

* Baader Hyperion 17mm eyepieces accept Televue Dioptrx astigmatism correction lenses.

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Baader Hyperion 17mm
A favorite of mine so far; got it a few months ago and I found little wrong with this one yet! The field is almost flat to the edge in an f/8 (a bit more curvature in a fast scope, such as f/6); colors are just right, maybe a little warm; contrast is good, DSOs seem somewhat brighter than with the Plossls. Jupiter shows up with many details (almost as good as my UO ortho) and doubles are separated easily (even those at the optical limit of my telescope). It does suffer from a bit of kidney bean but the eyecup helps centering your eye spot on the exit pupil. I had a chance to throw it (manner of speaking) side by side against a 15mm TeleVue Panoptic (my friend has more money than I!) and although I would give an extra point to the Panoptic optic wise (total flatness of field and a bit more sharpness), I would have to deduct it a point for value considering it's priced twice as much as the Hyperion for results that, quite frankly, are pretty close...
But it's heavy: judging by its shape and size, this eyepiece could be mistaken for a hand grenade! Thanks for the rubber handgrip.
It has a neat and unique feature: ''fine-tuning rings'' can be purchased to change the focal length by various increments. For example, I can turn this 17mm into a 10.8mm by adding the 28mm ring (about 15$). And the aFOV grows to almost scary proportions with the ring on (?) I'll mesure it next time.

I'll update this review as time goes by.

Evaluation was done using a 114mm f7.9 Newton, a 200mm f6.0 Dob and a Celestron C80 ED on occasion.

Overall Rating: 9
Optics:8 Value:9
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
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