Tunnel Road

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Name:Tunnel Road
City:Berkeley [Get a Map of the area!]
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un-checked Hockey
Description:Exit tunnel road from 24 West and make the first right onto Tunnel Rd. at the light and then make a left at Old Tunnel. Or from 13, turn right onto Tunnel road, then make the first left on Old Tunnel. You should be at the intersection of Heller and Old tunnel road. Park here.

It's about a 5 mile uphill stretch to get to Grizzly Peak road, and another mile or so along Grizzly Peak. You should be in decent shape to do this. Going down, you should have excellent braking skills as it is steep in certain sections and also curvey with blind turns next to cliffs (oh, and passing cars too!).

It's a popular spot with bikers.

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Tunnel Road
You can't beat it for a workout, and it's an exhilarating downhill, but the cars and construction along the road make this less than ideal for skating. The views are very nice, however.

Overall Rating: 7
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
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