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Right Ascention:06h45m00s
Constellation:Canis Major
Viewing Info:The brightest of all stars in the Earth's sky besides the Sun.To find it, look to the east of Orion's belt.It is usually the brightest point of light in the sky,too,except if Mars is at opposition,Jupiter is up,or Venus is up.

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Very bright and low in the sky. Air turbulence causes it to coruscate rapidly through all the colors of the rainbow. Sirius reminds me of an overdriven guitar amp, as in both the intense sensation and distortion have a beauty all their own.
Sirius has a white dwarf companion, called The Pup. It's separation is increasing, at 9.5 arcseconds (Jan. '12) and it is now possible to separate the two in an amateur scope. The split is still difficult, due to the 10-magnitude difference in brightness between the two, and the air turbulence. The color of the Pup in a Large Professional Scope is an intense, actinic violet, due to its high surface temperature. Has anyone been able to use a (well-made) blue filter to increase the ease of splitting the double? I have split Sirius both ways, but this technique did not help me. However, I suspect my filter had resolution issues.

By: skydog88 (New User)
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Sirius is cool looking!

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