47 Tucanae

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Name:47 Tucanae
Right Ascention:00h24m
Viewing Info:Often neglected in favor of its better known cousin, Omega Centauri, this Globular Cluster is a magnificent object,even in a small refractor. It is a large and very tightly packed cluster that is truly magnificent in a scope of 8" or more. Stars are very easily discerned. The whole region around the cluster is beautiful, in particular,the Small Magellanic Cloud which butts up against it.(Well,visually anyway!) It is easily better than any GC visible from Northern latitudes. Southern Hemisphere observers are truly blessed!

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47 Tucanae

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.153.117)
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47 Tucanae
i like 47 tucanae NGC104 better because it is a spectacular cluster and it is brilliant

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.200.249)
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47 Tucanae
When I only had an 8 inch telescope I used to be puzzled by comments in some magazines that 47 Tucanae was arguably better than Omega Centauri. To my mind, Omega Centauri was obviously the more splendid Globular Cluster. But then I got my 14.5 inch Dob. Omega Centauri was still a magnificent sight, but 47 Tucanae suddenly seemed even more magnificent. I think it has something to do with the effect it has on one's eye - it is constantly being led into the ultra rich core, giving a 3D feel to the experience. Comment by Renato Alessio

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.231.228)
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47 Tucanae

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.254.233)
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