Swan Nebulae

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Name:Swan Nebulae
Right Ascention:18h18.8m
Declination: -16 11'
Viewing Info:Easy, rewarding in any telescope. Greatly enhanced by either UHC (or comparable) or Oxygen III filter.

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Swan Nebulae
just great

By: RanmasGirlKM (Reputable User)
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Swan Nebulae
The swan is my favorite. I live in Florida and the summer is hot,humid and sports a good share of mosquitoes but that does not matter because it's cloudy most new moon weekends. So it's a real treat to see M17 between swatting those little vampires and draining the sweat out of your eyepiece cup.

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.10.117)
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Swan Nebulae
Bright nebula with a very unusual shape. Sky and Telescope April issue 2001 interviewed famous comet finder and 'amateur' astronomer David Levy...his favorite Messier object is this nebula, M17. Also known as the Checkmark nebula and the Omega Nebula. For northern viewers it is low in the south and visible only in the summer months.

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.196.240)
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Swan Nebulae

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.218.185)
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