DGM Optics

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Name:DGM Optics
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Description:A 2-Mirror unobstructed reflector featuring superb contrat and resolution.
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DGM Optics
I have had my DGM AO 4.0 for a bit over a year now and I put my first Tele Vue eyepeice in it. We were at a HS star party with the astronomy teacher. Everybody including the teacher and I perfered the view through my 4" scope to the 254mm meade schmit cassegrain that was there. Because of contrast. Wow!! That tele vue with these fine optics is incredible.

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.224.80)
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DGM Optics
DGM Optics is like Astrophysics' early days of selling apo refractors at bafflingly low prices. It seems like that trend has ressurected when DGM introduced these Off-Axis Newts. at unbeatable prices. I can't wait 'till I get my OA-9.0 ATS and check it out! I wonder if it's like having a 9" Apo refractor for only $1795 for the optics.

Martin (Scopedreamer2032)
Remember, please see my Astronomy Reviews and Votes, too!

By: scopedreamer2032 (Reputable User)
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DGM Optics

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.97.23)
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DGM Optics
Great Scopes!

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.216.123)
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