Ed Ting's Scope Reviews

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Name:Ed Ting's Scope Reviews
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Description:Excellent, thorough reviews of Telescopes and accesories. Pleasure to read.
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Ed Ting's Scope Reviews
Nice site, but would be better with some classified ads.

By: mirroroptics (New User)
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Ed Ting's Scope Reviews
After retiring and returning to college as an older student, I took two four-credit astronomy courses which reignited an old love of astronomy in me. I decided to invest in a telescope, and after being thrown into a tizzy by numerous telescope advice sites, I stumbled across Ed Ting's review website and followed his advice and reviews, mainly because he was concise,easy to believe in, and his critiques did not seem like glorified advertising. I'm well on the way to buying a second 'scope, and in the search for a large-aperture instrument, I will take Ed's ratings under strong consideration. AH,New York

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.84.198)
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Ed Ting's Scope Reviews
I love this website. Not only are his reviews very in-depth, but Ed Ting's style of writing is very personal and witty. I find it very cathartic to sit back with my laptop and read his reviews all night, however, I have already read most of them and continually re-read them in which I ponder his every word. I can't fully express how much of an impact this site has had on my introduction to telescopes. I have always wanted to have an observing partner like him. If you have not visited this site, I urge you to do so immediately.

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.253.119)
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Ed Ting's Scope Reviews
Ed Ting's site has extremely indepth reviews of telescopes. It doesn't have every scope on the market but you'd be hard pressed to find a better explination of a scope's pros and cons.

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.28.137)
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Ed Ting's Scope Reviews
Its not very well organized. There are only a handful of reviews compared to the 1000+ on Cloudy Nights.

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.56.233)
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>Its not very well organized. There are only a handful of reviews compared to the 1000+ on Cloudy Nights.

Ed Tings is a one man site, so of course it is not going to have a thousand reviews.  Not well organised? It has an alphabetical index, subdivided into three categories by telecope type - very simple. Furthermore Ed Ting's reviews are detailed and objective, whereas many of those on Cloudy Nights amount to little more than some amateur boasting about what a great scope he's just bought.  In fact, 80% of the scope reviews I've seen on line fall into that category, so E.T's site is a refreshing change.

Ed Ting's Scope Reviews

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.205.200)
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Ed Ting's Scope Reviews

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.88.12)
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Ed Ting's Scope Reviews
I think he is mostly fair and objective.

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.26.235)
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Ed Ting's Scope Reviews

By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.36.132)
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Ed Ting's Scope Reviews
I wish I could be Ed Ting someday. His reviews are intelligently written, covering everything about the scopes' pros and cons. He writes like the best authors, in great detail and with great knowledge about the subjects. It'd be fun to talk to him about one of my favorite subjects someday.

Almost daily, I find myself reading his scope reviews wondering how he gathered so much information about his scopes. It's fun to read his fiction stories he's posted up. I wonder if stargazing is one of the only things he does for a living. I can't wait for anything new to come up on his site.

By: scopedreamer2032 (Reputable User)
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