Bresser 8x56 diorit (new model)

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Brand and Model:Bresser 8x56 diorit (new model)
Price ($USD):£149
Attributes:checked Waterproof un-checked Armored
Objective Lens Size:56 mm
Magnification:8 x
Prism Type:Roof
Coatings:Fully Multi-Coated
Field of View:0.0 degrees
Eye Relief:0 mm
Near Focus:0 ft
Weight (lbs):
Dimensions (w/h/d):
Description:I got these from Liddl for 79.99 and I am very impressed.
First the negatives. The Field of view is relatively small for this class of binocular.To put this in perspective,I can just put orions belt In the field of veiw and the nebular peaks in on the other side of the field. Also they are big and heavy!
There is some loss of image quality in the outer 15% of the Image i.e.stars elongate slightly but this is very slight and is less than in any of my 10x50's.
On the plus side the coatings are exelent and there is little light loss
or scatter.Also although they are heavy they are very well balancedand I do not find them tiring to hold. From my increadably lightpolluted city center back yard (I have no less than six industrial security lights blasting down on me!) I have detected M33 allthe cassiopia clusters in Turn left and several mediocre brightness comets.I can resolve stars in m35 and M34 which my 10x bins cannot do. Also the orion nebular has wings which are simply invisible in my other binoculars.
In all the above try to keep in mind that my site is so light polluted that once I was unable to detect the orion nebular with my 150mm newtownian!
In short Very very happy!

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