Sharp 64LHP5000

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Brand and Model:Sharp 64LHP5000
Price ($USD):$7300
Type:Rear Projection
Diagonal Size:64"
Comb Filter:3D
HDTV Support:None
un-checked Progressive
checked Built-In Line Doubler
checked Supports External Line Doubler
Other Features:
checked Widescreenchecked Dual Tuner
Weight (lbs):? lbs.
Dimensions (w/h/d):59.5"/56"/27.5" i
Description:The only HDTV set with an open PCI slot for future upgradeability. The built-in decoder converts all DTV broadcast signals into 1080I full HDTV resolution. The built-in Line Doubler converts all NTSC analog signals to 480P. It also has the ability to except any brand of external DTV decder. Dolby Digital outputs (Coaxial and Optical)!

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Sharp 64LHP5000
I just saw this unit and talked with a salesman about it at a local Hi-Fi store. According to the salesman, this unit is a Pioneer Elite chassis and internal electronics with Sharp HDTV electronics. He said this unit is nearly identical to the Pioneer Elite 64" Widescreen, but with an added internal DTV decoder and line doubler. I was fotunate enough to see HDTV for the first time on this unit. For those of you who have yet to see HDTV, I will tell you right now that it is unbelievable. The images were sharp and solid. The picture actually had depth to it, instead of that uniform "matte look" that we are all use to. The color was bright and vivid, but without being overly saturated. The internal line doubler does wonders for DVD and DSS. There were no visible pixels or scan lines. Jagged edges on still objects were non-existant, and on moving objects they were visible, but greatly reduced. There are several different options for adjusting the aspect ratio to accomidate almost any source material. Normal 4:3 images that were streched to fill the screen looked suprisingly good. It has every kind of input and output you could ever want, plus an empty PCI slot for the future ones. The only thing lacking on this unit is the ammount of HDTV broadcasts currently available to watch on it :) I hope to make this unit a part of my HT in the near future.

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Overall Rating: 10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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