Legacy Focus

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Brand and Model:Legacy Focus
Price ($USD):6K/pair
Form Factor:
checked Towerun-checked Bookshelfun-checked Center
un-checked Subwooferun-checked In-Wall
un-checked Bipolarun-checked Dipolar
checked Adj Crossoverchecked Biwiring
un-checked Active
Power Handling (RMS):10-500 Watts RMS
Frequency Response:16Hz-30kHz +/- 2dB
Sensitivity (dB):96 dB dB
Impedance (Ohms):4 Ohms
Weight (lbs):185 lbs.
Dimensions (w/h/d):15x55x13 in. (width/height/depth
Description:Legacy Audio's Focus Speaker Page

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Legacy Focus
I own a pair of these...listened to Martin-Logan and Thiel among others before deciding on Legacy. Bass extension is phenomenal for a high-end speaker. Ribbon tweet is best I've heard and *beats* Martin Logan for open-air sound. Vocals (when mixed to center) are right between the speakers. Kevlar mids are extremely detailed (this is a double edged sword, as any weaknesses back in the component path are revealed, including overmastering or just plain bad recordings. I didn't know I had any bad recordings until I bought them). Also, I wonder if there is some "adjustment period" with these spkrs...I initially heard a harsh edge to some of my CDs but this went away after a month or so. Possibly "getting used to" new level of detail? My previous speakers were consumer grade Infinity monitors...pretty good, but *not* high end. Don't know...but it's gone now and I haven't changed any equipment. I did move them around a little bit (not much, these suckers are 185# each). If you audition or buy these, check out the excursion on the mids...they travel farther than the woofers. I am still waiting for mine to pop out and land on the floor at my normal ear-splitting volume. Crank it up, they apparently can take it. I'm driving them with a Carver amp 300W rms@4ohms, 400WPC including headroom. Incidentally the warranty is 10 years...

Legacy has an excellent reputation for build quality and customer service (they are primarily factory-direct--you won't find any Legacy dealers, only audition sites.) I wonder if this may be slipping as I did have a screw hole stripped out where the feet attach to bottom of cabinet. Also a tweeter was not completely screwed down, luckily I fixed both with a screwdriver and did not have to ship these monoliths back. The folks at Legacy had suggested that I use wood putty for the stripped hole--I told them I don't expect to do any repairs on a brand new $6K investment. If you are familiar with AudioReview there are more extensive reviews there including one by myself. You will also see the "telephone cord" controversy. I don't much like having telephone wire in there either, but the result (sound quality) is near flawless, so who cares? Finish is also good and the veneers/moldings are furniture quality.

Potential drawbacks--there might be too much bass for you. Also they are optimized for a pretty small sweet spot which is vertically a bit higher than most others. If your room is small the cabinets will dominate it (and so will the bass). If you have obsessive/compulsive disorder and can't stand the thought of having telephone wire in your crossover, get some therapy...

Overall, best speakers I have ever heard, which is why I bought them. Not perfect but pretty close--I give them a 9. And I hope it gets back to Legacy that their quality control issues are being noted and publicized. Without those minor flaws they would rate a 9.5.

questions/comments to mwg@zebra.net

p.s. anybody wanna buy my old Infinitys? They need woofer surrounds and potentiometer cleaning...any do-it-yourselfers out there?

Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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