Denon DVD-1000

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Brand and Model:Denon DVD-1000
Price ($USD):399
Formats Supported:
checked VCDchecked CDun-checked Laserdisc
un-checked CD-ROMun-checked DVD-ROM 
un-checked DTSun-checked MP3 
Features:un-checked Portable un-checked Progressive Scan
Number of Discs:1
Audio Outputs:
Analog (stereo):1Digital Coaxial:1Digital Optical:1
Built in decoder:
checked Dolby Digitalun-checked Dts
Video Outputs:
Weight (lbs):9 lbs.
Dimensions (w/h/d):in. (height/width/depth)

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Denon DVD-1000
Nice DVD player, for the DVDs it deigns to read. Like the Denon CD player, it plays some, not others. No rhyme or reason. Just when you're in the middle of something - perhaps something you successfully played before - it encounters an error of some sort and never plays the DVD again. I wouldn't recommend Denon products with moving parts (CD, DVD). Had the CD player in for repairs 3 times.

Overall Rating: 2
Features:3 Ease of Use:4 Performance:1 Value:2
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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