Panasonic DVD-A360EG

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Brand and Model:Panasonic DVD-A360EG
Price ($USD):550
Formats Supported:
checked VCDchecked CDun-checked Laserdisc
un-checked CD-ROMun-checked DVD-ROM 
un-checked DTSun-checked MP3 
Features:un-checked Portable un-checked Progressive Scan
Number of Discs:1
Audio Outputs:
Analog (stereo):6Digital Coaxial:1Digital Optical:1
Built in decoder:
checked Dolby Digitalun-checked Dts
Video Outputs:
Weight (lbs):7 lbs.
Dimensions (w/h/d):17x11x35 in. (height/width/depth
Description:realy exellent

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Panasonic DVD-A360EG
An excellent player with excellent sound (though I hooked it up to a A/V-Receiver via coax digital cable, which does the decoding. An extraordinary sharp and clear picture and a very comfortable remote, an easy setup and so on.

Doesnīt play CD-R, CD-RWs or mp3-Files and doesnīt do Your dishes...means, I wanted a DVD-Player, nothing else and for that task the A360 (EG stands for the silver edition) is more than well prepared!

Overall Rating: 10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (
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