Sherwood RVD8090RDS

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Brand and Model:Sherwood RVD8090RDS
Price ($USD):?
checked Tunerchecked Ampchecked Dolby Prologic
checked Dolby Digitalchecked DTSun-checked THX Certified
un-checked 7.1 Channels
Audio Inputs:
Digital Coax:4Digital Optical:0
Video Inputs:
Audio Outputs:
Video Outputs:
Power (Main Speakers):100 Watts
Power (Surround Speakers):100 Watts
Weight (lbs):? lbs.
Dimensions (w/h/d):? in. (width/height/depth)
Description:I have had the sherwood 8090 for about 3 months and it sound very good. but what annoys me is the fact that it does not sound like a 100 watts, and the sub woofer does not work properley. I must admit, it doesn't suffer from this background noise, or the volume problem that was mentioned in a review of the 9080. Also the fact that i picked it up for 225 pounds, makes it a far better choice. It has dolby pro logic, dolby digital,dts and a few dsp modes. These are theatre, hall1 and hall2.

Theatre mode is for sterio films that are not prologic. It is a bit tinny, but does make a big difference to the sound.

The hall 1 mode is good for classical music. I have not as of yet used it.

The hall mode 2 is for rock music.

When you use the 6 channel direct inputs, you can use these modes over the the dolby digtal and dts sounds.

I like the fact the each sound channel can be change independently from each other. so the front left can be different to the front right, etc, etc.

It also has a mode for the tunner that displays the radio channel, what it is playing and allows you to search for a radio station that plays any specfic types of programs. Un fortunatley this feature is not available in the united states, sorry.

i would give the amp 8.00 out of ten

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Sherwood RVD8090RDS
for the price I think this is a good all round amp and all in one solution the bass is as crisp as my denon 900 and the treble is crisp however it doesn`t quite sound like like 100 watts per channel but for 250 english it is a definite bargain!! however saying that I notice it can be bought in USA FOR 170-200 DOLLARS so you guys are getting quite a bargain compared with UK !!
anyhow the amp sounds great in DD,DPL,& DTS(THREE MODES) give this amp a chance and audition it for the price it cant be beat
regards JOHN U.K.

Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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Sherwood RVD8090RDS
My sherwood performs great the only problem is a whine sound when I use it for plain Tv viewing. If I watch DVD,or listen to cd, radio, tape,even VCR it sounds great. I think it has something to do with the TV. I got mine for 160.00 from Ubid. Great unit for the price I think.

Overall Rating: 7
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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