Harman Kardon AVR 45

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Brand and Model:Harman Kardon AVR 45
Price ($USD):899
checked Tunerchecked Ampchecked Dolby Prologic
checked Dolby Digitalun-checked DTSun-checked THX Certified
un-checked 7.1 Channels
Audio Inputs:
Digital Coax:0Digital Optical:0
Video Inputs:
Audio Outputs:
Video Outputs:
Power (Main Speakers):55 Watts
Power (Surround Speakers):55 Watts
Weight (lbs):29 lbs.
Dimensions (w/h/d):17.3 by 6.5 by 17.1 in. (width/h
Description:65 watts in stereo mode.

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Harman Kardon AVR 45
This receiver has awesome sound reproduction. The sound quality is dynamic in both low and high frequencies and yet neither extreme seems to overpower the midrange. Simply stated, the sound is "realistic". Considering I have 8 year old speakers that at the time cost less than $160/each, I think this level of sound quality is pretty good. There is a noticeable dropoff in sound level when switching to any surround mode from regular stereo (a quick adjustment to volume remedies this easily). This is my first digital receiver so I dont know if that is normal. The Dolby Digital sound is even better. I heard new sounds on my dvd disc of The Matrix. I have yet to hear any distortion or have any overheating problems at insane listening levels. Best feature is that it has preamp outs for all channels for external amplifiers and the 5.1 channel inputs for future expansion like DVD audio or a DTS decoder. As far as lacking features, I could use another audio input(aux input), a fourth video input, s-video input/output, and a digital output. That may be a little much considering I only paid $320(open box with no remote- you can get the manual online) and got a six year service plan for $60. I dont think I will need another receiver for years.

Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.22.165)
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Harman Kardon AVR 45
Brilliant soundstage, great music playback as well as awesome movie playback. Highly recommended. Great low end sound in DD mode, with no distortion at all. The mid and high sounds are also reproduced extremely well.
S-Video switching would have been a nice extra though.

Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.150.13)
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