Yamaha R-V905

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Brand and Model:Yamaha R-V905
Price ($USD):$599
checked Tunerchecked Ampchecked Dolby Prologic
checked Dolby Digitalun-checked DTSun-checked THX Certified
un-checked 7.1 Channels
Audio Inputs:
Digital Coax:1Digital Optical:2
Video Inputs:
Audio Outputs:
Video Outputs:
Power (Main Speakers):70 Watts
Power (Surround Speakers):70 Watts
Weight (lbs):27 lbs.
Dimensions (w/h/d):17/5/15 in. (width/height/depth)
Description:Yamaha's R-V905 Page

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Yamaha R-V905
perfect piece of equuipment!

Overall Rating: 10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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Yamaha R-V905
RX-V595/905 Review:

I decided to upgrade from my Technics system consisting of the SA-X720 and the SCH-500D audio components. After almost 9 to 10 months of owning this combo, I felt that, despite the fact that everything sounded quite good, I wasn't getting the best sound with my speaker set. My set consists of 5 Klipsch speakers and the Energy ES-8 sub. The combination of my speakers and the Technics most of the time sounded too bright for my taste. Ever since I got the home theater bug, I've heard nothing but rave for the Yamaha line. Being that this new year promises to be a great year with all the new movies coming out, I decided to upgrade my receiver.
I headed over to Ken Crane's ( to one of their a/v store, not the laserdisc one), this nice salesman greeted me at the door. I asked him to showed me their receivers and he took me to one of their demo rooms. I saw all the Yamaha line, from the rx-v595 up to the DSPA-1. I played with the smooth-as-silk sliding door of the DSPA-1 and rx-v2095. I knew I couldn't afford them, might as well get to touch them at the store for Pete's sake! I asked the guy to turn on the rx-v595, but he stated that it wasn't hooked up. I told him I really liked the rx-v595, he stated it was a nice receiver. I asked him what's the best price he could offer it (the thing had a $498 retail price) He left the room and came back about two minutes later. He said $469. I kept staring at the rx-v595, he then said, $460. I said, I'll probably be back. I went home, to see what the family acceptance factor would be. It wasn't good. They stated that I didn't need a new receiver. The one we have is good enough. In the end, they said they wouldn't consent it, but that it was my decision. I headed out the door as soon as I heard that. I got back to KC and ask for the same salesguy but they told me he had just left for lunch. I told them of the deal and the other guy said, are you sure he said $460. I said, "YES". He grabbed one the rx-v 595 boxes that they had stacked in the middle of the room, I paid and rushed my way home. Now, I'm sure that the $469 is probably their "arranged" discount, but the salesman went down to $460, and I took the deal.
Well, after owning it for a week and playing various material, I have to say I'm very satisfied with the Yamaha. The Klipsch sound better and even more dynamic than they did before. The ES-8, despite the fact that I didn't change one setting on it, is rumbling WAY more than it ever did. I have the SCH-500D connected to the six-channel in so I can hear DTS whenever I feel like it. The 70 * 5 are more than enough. I have yet to reach the 11 o'clock setting. It's just too loud around 91/2 -10 o'clock. I do notice a markable difference in the dolby digital material. There's more bass all around, coming from the speakers as well as the sub. The sound doesn't sound bright like it did before. There's more detail and sound is more pronounced. Everythng has more "oomph", to it. The soundstage extends way beyond the speakers, and the surrounds seem to sound more powerful. Yes, I have the speakers balanced with the spl meter. Everything just sounds more expansive. I'm really impressed as to how dynamic the Yamaha makes the soundtrack sound. It's as if I had the dynamic range setting on with the Technics combo, even though I didn't. When somehting blows up, your neighbor now knows it too. Now, I haven't really used the dsp modes on movies, so far, I find them too reverbrant, but I haven't experimented with the setting. 2 channel music sounds improved as well. Again, the sound extends beyond the speakers, giving a bigger front stage. I have quickly come to like the remote, it's very easy to use once you figure it out. The only thing I'm not too enamored with is the rotary control, but it's acceptable. I don't need s-video since I already had a video switch box. The Technics was good. The Yamaha is better. There really is a difference between the mass market receiver and the higher priced quality brand. And the rx-v595 isn't that expensive in the first place. If you're thinking of upgrading to dolby digital, you should save a little bit more and get yourself a Yamaha instead of a mass market receiver. You'll appreciate the higher quality that comes with it.


Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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Yamaha R-V905
A review for HT enthusiasts on a budget: (long, sorry, . . . actually I'm not but thought you like to see
that!??! - ha)

FYI: - First Impressions/Review on the Yamaha R-V905 $376 + $30 S/H-FedEx 2-day
(identical twin to the Yamaha Model RX-V595 - Only Difference besides Model Number = R-V905 has Gold lettering vs Traditional White Lettering on the RX-V595 Front Panel)

Ordered: Tues - 02/16/99 - 2:30pm PST (One Call WebStore)
Received: Thurs - 02-/18/99 - 11:30am PST (Double Boxed)
Install start/complete: Thurs - 9:50pm / 10:30pm
DVD DD-5.1 Sampled: Fri - 02-19-99 - 6:10am PST

First of all, setup was uneventful, . . . I spent time reviewing the excellent 64 page Yamaha manual and then the R-V905 back panel, . . .basically getting acquainted with the input/output arrangement vs my Technics SA-TX30/SH-AC300P Combo. After 40 mins., I'm ready to calibrate my HT speakers to 75 dB REF Level using the Yamaha's internal signal pink noise generator (85 dB for LFE - used Video Essentials DVD - signal not included in the Yamaha).

Final results:
Volume Control: 28 (REFERENCE = 75 dB)
Center: +7
L SUR: +7
R SUR: +7
LFE: -2 to 0 (DVD program source depended)

Yamaha's Remote (clever desigh) took a while to figure out (without the manual). I figured out 80% of the Silver Remote in 15 mins, not bad considering all the multi-function buttons on board. I reviewed the manual and handy reference Remote card (included) for the other 20%. I was glad to see that Yamaha allows you to adjust the Speaker Level / Delay / LFE adjustments "anytime" with the Remote! To adjust the Dolby Pro Logic (DPL mode only) on the SA-TX30, you had to access the test tones!

The next day I programmed the Yamaha's Remote functions for TV (Toshiba 35"), VCR (Panasonic) and DVD (RCA RC5500P) in 5-7 mins, trying at the most 2 codes for each (1 code only for the RCA DVD player) before they worked. Later I'll try the other codes to see if I get more functions vs what's available now.

Now, I'm ready to sample some Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround DVD Movies.

1st DVD: "Star Trek VI - Undiscovered Country"

The Yamaha's Dolby Digital tracking and surround blend is as accurate and impressive as the Technics External SH-AC300P Processor. (I choose "Dolby Digital - Normal" setting for the review)

The differences I heard from the Yamaha R-V905 vs the Technics SA-TX30 AV Receiver can be expressed with 'alittle more, but obvious, detail & presence". Not to say that it was missing, because, it was present before with the SA-TX30/SH-AC300P Combo, but now, . . . .it's more prominent in all its Dolby Digital 5.1 glory! The SA-TX30/SH-AC300P Combo was very good, but the Yamaha's implementation is Great!!

Back to the movie, the detail & presence that was exhibited by the Yamaha's Dolby Digital Surround mode, made you feel like you were part of Sulu's bridge crew during the opening sequence of the movie.

The LFE low effects blended-in very nicely with the other 5-Channels. The Yamaha handled (speakers [main/center/surrounds] set to = Small) all the routed LFE signals magnificently. The effects were deep, more solid then before and provided the subsonic impact as required when the sonic wave from the exploded Klingnon moon Praxes hit Sulu's Star Ship the Excelsior. - wow!

Yeah, I'm impressed and happy that I've upgraded my Main Home HT AV Receiver to the Yamaha R-V905! Also, the next visit to my vacation house in the Sierra Mountains (45 mins from the Kirkwood Ski Resort), I'll be enjoying Dolby Digital 5.1 DVD movies after I setup my Technics SA-TX30/SH-AC300P Combo.
= = = = =

After much research with cost vs performance in mind, I choose the R-V905 with these known 3 limitations/differences (important too me only):

1) No SVGA input/outputs
* * * (SA-TX30 had 2 each - but I never used them - so no big deal)
2) Level Setting Memory - 1 set for either the DPL, DD-5.1 or 8 DSP Modes
* * * (SA-TX30 has Memory for DPL, DD-5.1 & 7 DSP Modes each - nice!)
3) No DTS Decoder built-in (though the R-V905 has 6CH input for future format)
* * * DTS DVD Movie support virtually non-exisistent my 12 DTS Titles after Feb '99
* * * DTS Music - 70 titles @ an average $28+ / No thankyou

1) What made me upgrade?

a) Price for a Yamaha w/built-in DD-5.1 & 6CH inputs (upgradability)

Other reasons I rationalize on was:
** Conservative power ratings by Yamaha: 70w x 5 @ 8 ohms, 20 to 20kHz, 0.04% THD
>>>>> (I've achieved SPL 'fast' peaks of 105+ dB easily so 70 clean watts plenty!)
** Discrete AMPS for each of the 5 channels
** Signal-to-Noise Ratio......96 dB (DVD)
** Tuner Specifications (Stereo Review rates it above average)
= = = = =
b) Why didn't I get the identical Yamaha RX-V595 version?
** Mailordering RX-V595 is not Authorized by Yamaha and they won't honor the 2 year warranty. (Any RX-V line for that matter!!)
** If I did order an RX-V595 thru an UnAuthorized dealer, . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . the Yamaha Customer Service said it could be "B", Refurbished, etc. - who knows? Unit from Asia/Taiwan thru blackmarket sources
. . . . . . . that's why they don't warranty those units
** Couldn't get the low price (unit + CA tax) locally! (Lowest $415 + CA tax = $449.24)

I highly recommend the Yamaha R-V905 Receiver, well, . . . I did for me, . . . .and . . . . .I'm glad I did!! If your budget is limited to say, . . . .$406, . . . . . . . .

I RATE it a resounding 10!!!!!! :)

Overall Rating: 10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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Yamaha R-V905
Excellent decoding, great power, nice setup, easy to operate. At $499, the best I have seen in its class.

Remote could use some improvement, especially the DVD/DVD Menu areas... what's the deal? Would prefer binding posts for rear/center speaker hookups, and more optical inuts.

A fantastic unit. Far outperforms the Sony 925 (DTS) and Kenwood 1080 I had prior. In terms of bang for the buck, a must have. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone not needing DTS decoding.

Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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