Celestron C6

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Brand and Model:Celestron C6
Price ($USD):discontinued
Attributes: un-checked Go-To un-checked PEC
Aperture:150mm (5.9")
f Ratio:f/5
Focal Length:750mm
Electric Power:
Mount:CG-4 (EQ-3)
Weight (lbs):4.9 kg
Dimensions (w/h/d):
Description:About $450 in used market.

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Celestron C6
I bought mine about 1985 from Orion. It was kind of pricey...in the $700 range. It has been in use now for 20 years. Compared to dob it is heavy. Then again, with the Polaris Mount (not the Super Polaris), it will do things a dob won't do. It serves as solid platform and guide telescope for my camera and telephoto lense. The focuser has a great deal of backlash in it. Unfortunately, this is not a problem with its age....it has has been "sloppy" since I bought it. The mount also has more backlash than I would like to see in a scope this pricey. This too has been present since the day it arrived.

Maybe the most amazing thing is that I have never had the mirror resurfaced, yet it still reaches limiting magnitude for a 6".

Overall Rating: 8
Optics:9 Mount:8 Ease of Use:6 Value:8
Weight: 30 (Notable Vote)
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Celestron C6
I bought a ota only because I already
had a gp mount.The pimary mirror has to have the rubber mirror clips very loose
or star test will show astigmatism.The tube needs to be flocked in front of primary and opposite the secondary mirror.The scope I think will be great for astrophotography.The scope has very good contrast for having such a big secondary.The scope is a keeper and is great when I'm not using my 12.5" dob.

Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 6 (Veritable Vote)
Link to this vote: http://www.excelsis.com/1.0/displayvote.php?voteid=64803

Celestron C6
I have to review this scope because the C6 picture on the top was actually -MY- scope. The story is that I sold it to a astro dealer in sweden that took the picture and put it on his site. The scope is great for those who dosn't care about spending time collimating it, or the time it takes to bring it out/in. I also thought it was a bit bulky so I bought myself a ETX-90EC, that combined my computer interests with astro pritty well. Now I'm almost complete with my own computer controlled observatory. I got a webcam (with 8m cable) and a 30m extension cable to my Autostar controller. When I plug everything in my comp, then all I have to do is to sitt on my chair and push on a starchart. Then the ETX will slew to my target and at the same time my webcam (a Philips ToUcam Pro btw) will feed my computer with pictures. Ok, now this is turning out to a ETX-Review.. but lets go back to the C6 just once more.

The C6 had great optics, but its still a f/5 so for planets its a bit low. And I hardly wanted to look at faint fuzzies. The mount, Super Polaris, was a dream. No backlash, no nothing. Just smooth.

Well, my time is running out here som Ill leave this "review" as it is.

Best Regards

Overall Rating: 8
Optics:9 Mount:10 Ease of Use:6 Value:10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
Link to this vote: http://www.excelsis.com/1.0/displayvote.php?voteid=78620

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