TScope Model 14"
I agree with the above poster. The scope is really nice. I should mention that I have an upgraded T-3 Deluxe. model. The optical components are pretty much identical, but mechanically, it is a bit heavier, prettier, and has a better primary mirror cell. The T-3 comes standard with some options that aren't included (fan, shroud, improved focuser), on the basic TScope. As far as options, you can order various primary mirrors (Royce, Obsidian, Raycraft, etc.), focusers, finders, etc.

The workmanship is first rate. One Obsession 15" owner liked the finish on my scope better than his It is a well thought out design, and no tools are needed for set up. My model came with an Alan Raycraft Pyrex Mirror documented between 1/11 and 1/12 wave error. The secondary is a 1/15 wave Antares. On rare Long Island nights with excellent seeing, I've had great views of Jupiter and Saturn at 278X which is the highest magnification available to me currently with a 6mm Radian. I know I could have gone considerably higher without degradation. I gave the optics a 9 because hey the mirror isn't a high end Zambuto, Royce, etc, but I'm very happy with what I see in the eyepiece.

I really like this telescope, but as John Dean has pointed out there are problems with the long wait time, inacurrate delivery dates and lack of communications. Actually the
long wait wouldn't be a problem if there were much better communication. I think one problem may be that Ed Taychert will almost custom build a TScope, which certainly slows things down. Also he is pretty much a 1 person operation, with all that entails. Originally, I only gave it an overall score of 6. However upon reflection, I am increasing it to an 8. If TScopes communications improved, it would have been a 10.

Edit 12/11/2008
According to the TScope Yahoo users group there are people who have paid 100 percent of the cost who have not received their telescopes. Repeated efforts to reach Mr. Taychert are impossible. At this time I strongly recommend not doing business with this company. I am giving an overall score of 1.

Overall Rating: 1
Optics:9 Mount:10 Ease of Use:10
Weight: 20 (Notable Vote)
By: PaulHart
Link to this vote: http://www.excelsis.com/1.0/displayvote.php?voteid=522643

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Hi Paul,

I am apparently more miffed than you are the difference in time between when Ed predicts a delivery and the actual delivery date.  The wait itself is not the issue. I do agree though, if Ed can get to where he is delivering his scopes within 30 days of his predicted delivery date it is a solid 10.  

I have had the scope for nearly a year now, and I am as impressed as ever.  Ed has raised his prices somewhat (the basic scope has been upgraded as well).


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