Canon 10x30 IS
My earlier comments got erased, so here is a quick summary of my experience. I own about fourty pairs of binocs, and these get used the most with the possbile exception of the Canon 15x45IS and Optolyth 15x63 Royals, when I'm stargazing, and the Docter 8x22 aspherics, when I really need a compact light-weight package for backpacking etc.. These are definitely the Canon binoc to buy if you want something great for all around usage. They are slighly sharper than the 15x45ISs, and provide a nice, sharp and bright image -- surprisingly bright for a 3mm exit pupil glass. They are also much more reasonably priced than even the 12x36IS, which are also not as sharp, since they, like the 15x45ISs are a roofprism design. The only reason I give these a 9 instead of a 10 is that they are still a bit on the bulky and heavy side for a 10x30. They still need to figure out a way to make the stabilization system so light that they are only a few ounces heavier than unstabilized binocs. But clearly I'm being a rather tough grader demanding that so soon!

Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
By: Anonymous (
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  I am going to purchase either the 10X30IS or the 12X36IS Canon binocluars.  Trying to undersatnd if it is worth the added investment to go with the 12X30IS at 30% more light gathering capability over that of the 10X30IS.  Your comments on Roof Prisms ( a negative) used in the 12X36IS leads me to think that the light gathering 30% gain is almost canceled out by the roof prisms and is not worth  buying them.  I do not know what the adavantage is in going to 12X36IS for such a small gain in light gathering and an added $200.00 expense.  Appreciate you comments.

Terry Clinard  Optic Craft Machining Co. <>
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