Bausch & Lomb 8001 Pro
Bought mine on the surplus market for $750 in 1989. Today I would not sell it even if I was offered $2500. The optics are first rate. I estimate a 1/6 wavefront based on Suiter's diagrams. Closest double split thus far is O. Struve 359 (in Hercules),mag 6.3-6.5 , .7arc sec. Planetary views are of excellent contrast also. Does anyone out there have one of these scopes? They seem to be rare. One thing I discovered is that this scope deserves a first class star diagnol , as the one supplied with the scope is beneath the quality of the main optics.

Overall Rating: 10
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>Bought mine for $350.  The metal case of lenses was really nice.  The scope is outstanding.  I have not tried the motor yet.  The tri-pod is very heavy duty (or appears that way).  The plate says "Schmidt-Cassegrain" on it.  Can you help me with particulars?  It came with a sun shield.  Thanks, Charlie.


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