Astro-Physics 92mm f/7 Stowaway
APO quality in smallest possible package. 4 degree field with 22mm Nagler Type 4.

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This is a comment only.  The post about the 22mm Nagler yielding a 4 degree true field is incorrect for the f/7 model.  It's close for the old f/5 version, but not the new version.

The True Field in the f/7 92mm Stowaway with a 22mm Nagler T4 is NOT 4 degrees. The field stop of the 22mm Nagler is 31.1mm. The focal length of the f/7 Stowaway is actually 604mm (f/6.6) per the AP website. So using the field stop calculation of (31.1/604)*57.3 gives you a TFOV of only 2.95 degrees.

The 31mm Nagler yields a true field of 3.98 degrees


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